Javier París



DevOps Engineer

  • Email: javier.parisr@gmail.com

I'm a DevOps Engineer based in A Coruña, currently working at Realnaut. In my daily routine, I am usually deploying applications into Kubernetes clusters, developing and maintaining CI/CD Jenkins pipelines, or running cloud-based services on AWS using Terraform.
I have extensive experience managing CI/CD pipelines, leveraging tools like Jenkins and ArgoCD, to ensure smooth and efficient code deployments. My deep understanding of cloud infrastructure and containerization enables me to deliver highly scalable and reliable applications while reducing operational overhead.


I am a passionate DevOps professional, continuously seeking to learn and contribute value. With a focus on cloud technologies, I excel in deploying and supporting Kubernetes clusters on platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.

AWS 85%
Kubernetes 80%
Google Cloud 40%
Terraform 90%
CI/CD 70%
Docker 70%



Javier París

Innovative and deadline-driven DevOps professional with over 2 years of experience designing and developing user-centered technological solutions. From initial conception to final launch, I ensure that all stakeholders in the application lifecycle work together seamlessly and efficiently. With a passion for automation and continuous improvement, I am always looking for ways to optimize workflows and deliver customer value.

  • A Coruña, Spain
  • javier.parisr@gmail.com


Degree in Computer Engineering

2017 - 2021

Universidade Da Coruña, UDC

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in computer architecture and with a strong foundation in programming and theoretical concepts such as algorithms and data structures.
Throughout my studies, I have gained experience developing individual and team projects, applying the concepts learned in both the theoretical and practical components of the degree.
Additionally, I have been trained to consider the ethical and social implications of technology.

Professional Experience

Cloud Engineer

March 2023 - Present

A coruña - Remote

  • Led the design, development, and implementation of cloud-native solutions, ensuring high-quality and efficient delivery to meet clients' needs.
  • Improve developers' experience by adding and maintaining modern tools and practices, such as continuous integration and deployment, automated testing, and code review processes.
  • Oversee and ensure the efficient use of cloud environments, including monitoring, cost optimization, and security measures.

Platform Engineer & DevOps Engineer

July 2021 - March 2023

A Coruña - Remote

  • Deployment and administration of multiple Kubernetes clusters in the cloud (EKS).
  • Optimization and maintenance of CI/CD processes to ensure an agile working environment with technologies like Jenkins, ArgoCD, and Github Actions.
  • Deployment and maintenance of cloud infrastructure through the use of IaC tools like Terraform or Atlantis.
  • Usage of a wide variety of tools such as Atlantis, Harbor, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker, or GitHub Actions.

DevOps internship

May 2021 - July 2021

A Coruña - Remote

  • Learning recommended practices and the most widely used technologies for creating and managing Cloud Native applications.
  • Deploying the Backstage platform as a centralized services portal from scratch as a learning initial project.
  • Learning a multitude of tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, ArgoCD and GitHub Actions among others.


AWS Certified

January 2023

The Linux Foundation

November 2022


April 2022


November 2023